Our Sand Dragon Process is Unique

We designed the Sand Dragon to address the specific problems that impact wastewater treatment plants in the Southeast. One of the most persistent problems we see is fine sand, difficult access, and the frequent need for plants to remain online while their tanks are being cleaned. As a result our system outperforms any type of grit removal service available. Removing sand increases your plant capacity, reduces your energy costs, makes your life easier, and saves you money!

The video below helps demonstrates how our process works. Or click here to download a brochure covering the process.

The Sand Dragon Advantage

For many wastewater plants, downtime is not an option. Delicate equipment such as aeration diffusers and pipes are hidden beneath the water. This prevents heavy mechanical equipment from effectively removing deposited sand without draining down the process to see submerged equipment. Heavy equipment is forced to avoid going anywhere near submerged equipment or risk destroying it. Diffusers churn up grit and separate it from volatile solids by nature. This causes sand to deposit directly on diffusers and smother them – making blowers work harder, increasing energy costs, and reducing processing capacity.

Sand Dragon Florida Grit Removal

Florida Sand Dragon Grit Removal Ready for Action

We Do It By Hand!

The proprietary Sand Dragon process is unique in that it is a hand operated process. This allows us to feel submerged equipment and remove the grit where it causes the biggest problems. Our patented Hydro-Shovel™ technology is the only type of system capable of removing sand, grit, and rags in these hard to reach areas. Why bother removing grit from your tanks if you are missing most of the grit that is giving you problems? We can feel where grit hides, allowing us to capture significantly more grit than any other type of system.

Hand crafted grit removal

We’ve Got Infinite Reach!

Many tanks are hard to reach with a vehicle. Even when they can be, the furthest parts of the tank may not be accessible within the limitations of a boom. We offer a pontoon service which allows us to remove sand from areas without walkways or catwalks no matter how far from a road. We’ve got experience setting up over a half mile away from a tank, and can extend that range as far as is needed to solve your problem. Our Hydro-Shovel technology can be extended to reach even the deepest parts of tanks.

Our Extended Reach

We can reach farther than any other tank cleaning service.

Our Focus on the Southeast Local Advantage!

We’ve been cleaning sand from treatment plants since 1982 when we were founded in Florida. Our technologies were invented specifically to solve the issues that commonly plague treatment plants in the southeast. Wastewater treatment plants provide arguably the most important service to mankind – clean drinking water. We’re proud to be helping this critical infrastructure maximize their treatment capacity, and help them better supply our neighbors and friends with clean drinking water.

Our Haul

It’s What’s for Dinner!

No Down Time

Settled Solids Management, using our patented technology, will remove sand and grit from most wastewater treatment plants or tanks while the plant remains in service and full of water. This means no down time or interruption of plant personnel’s daily operation.

Lower Operating Costs

It has been proven that by removing the sand and grit from a wastewater treatment facility, plants have seen a 30-40% reduction in their operational power bill due to the reduction of air and blower times.

The Sand Dragon Process

In Service Grit Removal

  • Keep Operating

    Settled Solids Management can remove sand and grit from your plant while the basins remain full of water and the plant is operating.

  • We Clean It!

    • Aeration Basins
    • Fine or Fixed Air Diffusers
    • Anoxic Basins
    • Surge Tanks
  • We Clean It!

    • Oxidation Ditches
    • Nitrifrication Tanks
    • Digesters
    • Filter Cells
  • We Clean It!

    • Master Lift Stations
    • Wet Wells
    • Lined Ponds
    • Quilted Ponds

Total Tank Cleanout

  • Prep Work

    SSM will get tanks fully ready for construction, expansion, retrofitting or demolition.

  • Get It Ready

    We offer pressure washing and sanitizing services to prep for inspection, sand blasting, painting, or re-coating.

Filter Media Cleaning and Replacement

  • Filter Media

    We remove old filter media from any single or multi-layer filter media system.

  • Services

    • Removing, Cleaning, and Returning Existing Media
    • No Need for Costly Replacement
  • Multi-Layer

    With multi layer systems, filter media can be extracted and deposited into trucks for final disposal.

  • Services

    • Replacing With New Media
    • Maintain Original Filter Specifications
  • Other Media

    • Gravel
    • Activated Carbon
    • Bag Filters
    • Cloth Type Filters
  • Other Media

    • Anthracite
    • Silica Sand
    • Garnet
    • Walnut Shells

Other Applications

  • Boat Canals

    Sand can built up in boat docks and passage canals. Dredging is expensive, and often the areas are not accessible. The Sand Dragon can help!

  • Boat Slips

    The Sand Dragon is the ideal solution to clear slips and docking areas where boat activity has been restricted due to sand accumulations.

  • Stormwater

    We can help with flooded storm water collection boxes where the water cannot be drained and the sand cannot be accessed for removal by conventional methods. We can remove, separate and dewater the sand without having to remove the water.

  • Ponds & Basins

    Quilted or concrete lined ponds and basins can be cleaned without damaging the bottom or draining the system.

  • Emergency!

    Torrential rains causing heavy flows, internal pipe breakage, clogged lines, tank leakage, overflow, or other unplanned issues, we provide prioritized emergency service to keep your plant in compliance.

  • Vegetation Removal

    Some types of tanks are the perfect environment for plant growth. Unfortunately these stubborn plants reduce operational efficiency. We can help eliminate this nuisance from you plant.