Grit Volume Calculator

Who knows what lies beneath the water’s surface in your tanks without draining down your tanks to see? You can! Fill out the form below to access our free grit volume calculator to help you figure out the volume and weight of that you’ve got in your tanks.

Grit Adds Up At the Bottom

When grit is allowed to creep into your plant it slowly deposits at the bottom. It hides below and reduces your process capacity. It smothers your aeration systems and significantly increases the energy costs to run blowers, impacting your operating budget. Since it happens gradually  over time you may not even notice it until it is too late. You plant could be at risk of failing to meet discharge requirements, or being completely overwhelmed by grit. Over years of experience we have discovered that staggering amounts of grit are often found in wastewater treatment tanks, and the dollar value of the increased O&M from grit-filled tanks is astronomical!

We’d love to offer this handy grit volume calculator to you to help you determine just how much grit you’ve got in your tank.

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Grit Adds Up!