35 Years Experience

Settled Solids Management has been removing grit for Florida, Alabama, and Georgia wastewater treatment plants, construction contractors, and boating communities for three and a half decades.

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In 1972, the U.S. Congress funded the United States Environmental Protection Agency that implemented the Clean Water Act, setting aside funds to assist in building an infrastructure across America to clean up ground water pollution and treat domestic wastewater, as well as assist individual states in setting up their own Departments of Environmental Control.

With this knowledge in mind, our founder, Ken Mims, invented the technology known as the Sand Dragon, for removing sand and grit from wastewater treatment plants without having to drain the tanks and while the plant remains in operation. He patented this process in 1982. His experience in this field began in the military in the 1960’s while working in the water works field. His knowledge and experience grew to allow development and refinement of the Vertical Grit separator (VGS) over the years by working in, running, and building wastewater treatment plants.

Mr. Mims designed and patented a new state-of-the-art portable de-gritter and established Settled Solids Management in 2001. To our knowledge, the VGS is the only portable de-gritter that is able to remove sand and grit from wastewater treatment facilities/tanks while the plant remains in operation (full of water). Our focus also includes total tank clean-outs and prepping tanks for demolition, pressure-washing, sanitizing and filter rehab consisting of filter media removal and replacement.

In 2015, Settled Solids Management was acquired by Hydro International, the industry leading supplier of high performance advanced grit removal systems such as the HeadCell and Grit King.

The TV Show American Environmental Review did an episode about the Sand Dragon featuring Charleton Heston!