Grit Removal Services for Water & Wastewater Plants

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We offer a wide range of tank cleaning services for wastewater treatment plants in the southeast US. Founded in Florida with over 35 years experience, our Sand Dragon technology can remove sand and grit while the plant remains in service and while tanks are filled.

Our hand operated process protects delicate submerged equipment and allows us to feel around it to capture all of the grit. We can extend the reach of the Sand Dragon to virtually any distance or depth when access is limited. We’ve operated over half mile away from a plant.

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If your plant is in Florida and your daily flows are 3 MGD or less, you could GET YOUR TANKS CLEANED FOR FREE! Learn How

Grit Costs You Money...

Grit causes abrasive wear and deposits in downstream processes reducing capacity.

In Ways You May Not Expect

Increased blower run time, reduced aeration efficiency, reduced process capacity, and downstream equipment damage - to name a few.

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We Get Grit...

We've got the equipment, seasoned staff that know their way around a WWTP, and can give your plant the solution for troublesome grit.

So You Don't Have To!

We make grit removal painless. Let us handle the dirty work while you reap the benefits of improved operations, increased capacity, and lower energy costs.

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The Sand Dragon Solution...

The Sand Dragon vertical grit separator safely removes grit accumulated in numerous processes throughout your plant.

Is Ready To Devour Your Grit!

Call Settled Solids Management to keep your plant operating at peak efficiency at all times!

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Our seasoned field staff are ready to come to your plant and remove all of the troublesome grit that is eroding your plant's operational efficiency.